Chuck is a data driven race car driver. #TeamOverkill follows his lead of learning from the data. His drive towards continuous improvement is what makes #TeamOverkill so unique.

Chuck grew up around race cars. He saw what it took to be a championship contender from his father, Charlie Mathews III. He has applied this mentality towards multiple pursuits in racing over the years. For 4 years he ran the Windy City Winter Karting League which attracted many fast drivers, including multiple professional drivers.

Chuck used his engineering skills to build a top SCCA SOLO E-Street Miata. The car finished on the podium in 2017, 2018, and 2019. After winning every national event he was entered in for 2020, expectations were high for a win at the SCCA SOLO Nationals in Lincoln Nebraska.

Chuck also leverages his position in the autocross community to report for National Autocross News. His HDR photos and videos are amongst the most popular posts on the NAXN Facebook page.

In addition to building race-winning cars and driving to wins and national podiums, Chuck keeps himself busy with expanding #TeamOverkill into a community of racers. He is offering race engineer services, data and video based driver coaching, in-car driver coaching, and will soon be running data based driver schools, virtual course walks, and in-person course walks (subject to COVID-19 restrictions).

You can contact Chuck through this webpage or on the Mathews Racing / #TeamOverkill Facebook page.